Production of microbial enzymes is an indispensable event in the industrial sectors, due to the high and greater performances of enzymes from different microbes, which works well under a wide range of diverse physical and chemical conditions. Microbial enzymes provide as a potential replacement, in absence or insufficiency of human enzymes. Further, microbial enzymes are the ideal source of industrial enzymes as they can be produced in large quantities in a short period of time and have shorter creation times, and genetic manipulations can be performed more easily on bacterial cells to increase the enzyme production. Still the industries are looking for new microbial strains in order to produce different enzymes to fulfill the enzyme requirements. Another aspect of our laboratory is to produce the plant derived recombinant proteins and to find the therapeutic effect of these proteins through in vitro analysis. There are number of plants which produce potent constitutive and preeminent antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anticancer proteins to complement structural barrier against the infections. A broad spectrum of proteins have been purified & found to have pharmacological properties. The therapeutic potential of efficient plant proteins remains largely uncharted. Advanced standard scientific methods and protocols are being employed to explore the pharmacological characteristics of plants. Extensive research on medicinal plants can be carried out by applying recent advancement in technologies. The researchers have a wonderful command and experience in molecular/ micro/cell biology. The group has expertise in cloning, vector construction and expression studies, Purification of proteins through HPLC and FPLC. pI, Immuno blotting and SSR marker studies in plants.