Thanks to Almighty Allah for giving me this opportunity to express my feelings about Center for Applied Molecular Biology (CAMB), University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan. Indeed it gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you on behalf of the entire faculty, scientists and staff to CAMB, University of the Punjab. CAMB has the distinction of being the first Pakistani Institute in the field of Molecular Biology and is one of the best Research Centers in Pakistan. At CAMB, we have state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, highly skilled, highest qualified and experienced scientists/faculty in the country. We are focusing on both basic and applied research in collaboration with the best institutions of molecular biology in the world and offering these facilities to the public.

This Center, since its inception, has been providing the best available facilities to its researchers and scholars. Currently CAMB is one of the focal points of health, forensic sciences and agricultural research and education in the country. The CAMB laboratories along with more than 50 acres of farm land are devoted to researchers and students. With all these facilities, CAMB offers the best environment for enthusiastic researchers/students who are eager to excel in their studies, outclass in their career and outshine in their lives.

Our major goal is to prepare the next generation's pioneers in the modern molecular biology science. Rigorous courses, careful mentoring, and the resources of the largest research Center in the country enable us to meet that goal. We welcome researchers and scientists from Pakistan and outside Pakistan to work together with us for the advancement of science. Being in Lahore, which has all the versatility you'd expect of the 3 rd largest city in Pakistan--but with a cost of living well below that of every other major city allows you to enjoy an occasional break from all that training.

CAMB researchers have made a great contribution to molecular biology and have won many awards over the 18 years. In 2008, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) awarded it with science and technology prize (the highest award for quality in molecular biology) in recognition of its applied achievements. This institution is the pride of the nation and In Sha Allah will always strive for the best.