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  1. Fluorescent dye Combinations which can be used

(A)- VIC, FAM-6, NED, PET (B) - FAM-6, HEX, NED, ROX
(C)- HEX, FAM-6, NED, PET (D) - ROX, TET, NED, FAM-6

  1. Inquire before you use some other combinations of dyes in your multiplex samples

Use gel electrophoresis to check amplification prior to send the samples to the facility.

  1. Samples can also be accepted through HEC program “Access to Scientific Instrumentation".

Results can be received on the same day if delivered before 9.00 AM.

  1. Results will be provided in the form of soft copies.

You can use Peak Scanner Software from ABI to view the files. Go to the link for downloading the software.

It is certified that there is no biological hazardous material in the samples

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