CAMB has many unique features in the field of biotechnology and molecular biology research in Pakistan and among them DNA Core Facility has been the pride of the institute. It is one of the best facilities not only in Pakistan but most of the Asian countries. There are two components of the facility; DNA Sequencing and DNA Genotyping. The main objective of the facility is to provide a quality DNA analysis services to the researchers in CAMB as well as other research organizations and universities throughout the country. Other than this the facility also provides a technical help to the institutions regarding problems in this field.

DNA Sequencing/Genotyping Facility
Considering the upcoming demands and needs of DNA sequencing and genotyping in the field of biotechnology, CAMB initiated automated DNA sequencing, in 1999, on a single capillary 310 ABI-Genetic analyzer. Recognizing the significance of DNA sequencing in the molecular biology research, the lab was strengthened by adding four more 16-capillary, and one 48-capillary DNA Sequencers. So at this time DNA Sequencing facility of the centre is the largest sequencing facility in Pakistan with 5- DNA Analyzers from ABI with a total output of processing 112 samples at a time and thousands of samples daily. So it is the first such kind of high throughput sequencing/genotyping laboratory in Pakistan. The centre has produced many publications on the basis of data generated from this facility.
The data generated in this facility is accurate precise and reliable and can be compared with any other internationally well recognized labs. Researchers have a confidence on the quality of our services.
The success of the facility can be evidenced from the fact that many departments of the University of Punjab as well as other universities of the country have started their research programs considering that they would be able to avail the facility of analysis of their DNA samples accurately with good quality data generated from here.
While the facility is being sponsored by HEC to serve clients at the public sector universities (other than PU), it may eventually offer contract based services for public and private laboratories outside the universities. Currently we are rendering the services of DNA genotyping analysis of cattle to “Breed Improvement, Livestock and Dairy Development” department of Government of Punjab under a contract signed between the two organizations.
So, the DNA Core Facility is considered to be the key facility for DNA researchers in Pakistan. In the progress that CAMB has made and still making history in the field of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, there has been a key role of this facility.

UV/VIS Spectroscopy/ELISA Reading
We can help you to analyze your samples on a spectrophotometer using the cuvettes or 96-well plates. We have a state of the art UV/VIS spectrophotometer i.e., SpectraMax-384 system from Molecular Devices USA. It can analyze single sample in a cuvette or up to 96 samples in a plate. It gives high quality analysis using very low volume samples.

    • DNA Sequencing                     >500bp/sample
    • DNA Fragment Analysis        5-Dyes in a sample
    • UV/VIS Spectroscopy/ELISA Reading