H-9, Islamabad (Pakistan)



Part 1: Applicant’s Details

1-1. Name of the Applicant (Dr. / Mr. / Ms.):

1-2. Status/Designition:

1-3. Department:

1-4. Institution:

1-4. Contact Details:

1-5. Cell:

1-6. Email:

Name & Designation of the Supervsior


Part 2: Research Details

2-1. Type of Research: € MS/M.Phil Thesis  € Ph.D. Thesis  € Faculty Research

2-2. Major Discipline:     € Chemical Sciences  € Bio-Sciences  € Physical Sciences
€ Agricultural Sciences € Engineering € Other (please specify)

2-3. Has the research synopsis/proposal been approved by the competent forum (faculty board, research board, director research etc.) in university: € Yes € No

Part 3: Detail of the Sample Analysis 

3-1. Details of Tests


Name of Test

No. of Samples

Rate per Test (Rs.)

Total Cost (Rs.)























Additional Information (if any) regarding sample tests/test methodology etc.may be provided on separate sheet.

3-2. Name of the service provider institution where the test facility is available:

3-3. Any specific reason to get the samples analyzed from the above mentioned institution.

3-4. Consent of Service provider with test rates (please attach a copy).

Part 4: Declarations

4-1. Declaration by the Researcher:
I hereby solemnly declare that the above mentioned test results will be used for academic/ research purpose only and the results will not be used for any commercial study or consultancy service.

Signarure of the Applicant:


Countersigned by the Research Supervisor:            (official stamp of research supervisor)

4-2. Declaration by the Head of Department/Director ORIC:
I hereby solemnly declare that the above requested sample analyses facilities are not avaible in this university.
Signature of the Head of Department/Diretcor ORIC   (official stamp of HOD/Diretcor ORIC)


Countersigned by Dean                                                (official stamp of Dean)



The following documenst need to be attached with the application form:

  • One page summary of the research proposal, including the description of analysis need to be analyzed from from other institutions.
  • Consent of service provider showing rates of sample analysis.