The Plant Biotechnology and Molecular biology Lab, CAMB University of the Punjab, is engaged with R&D activities ranging from lower plants up to flowering plants. This research group of Plant molecular biologists works on different aspects of molecular basis of Plants. The researchers have wonderful command on differ molecular biology techniques like Gene cloning, Expression in Prokaryotic as well as Eukaryote hosts like yeast and plants.

This group possesses the specialties and molecular skills like Plasmid or vector construction, Production of Transgenic plants, Recombinant antigen production and purification of Recombinant Enzymes. The purification of Recombinant Enzymes. The group has already designed transgenic sugarcane resistant to sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV), biofertilizers (Identified and characterized PSB microbes), molecular identification or DNA Barcoding of Flowering plants, Algae and other microbes.

CAMB Plant Molecular Biology group happily offer its services and research facilities to the researchers, university post graduate students and the relevant industry for training and skill development in the areas of DNA Barcoding, Plasmid or vector Construction, Production oransgenic plants, Recombinant antigen production, Purification of Enzymes from natural and Recombinant sources.